Not a lot of sailing this year...

Steve Mitchell 1 min read
Not a lot of sailing this year...

So far this year I’ve only really sailed once, which was about 2 weeks ago.  Before then, I took the boat up to Seaview to have it hauled, painted, etc. but I don’t count that since it was a “business trip”.

And I’m sort of worried about going out right now because of my trip 2 weeks ago.  The short story is that I think I ate something really bad.  Combine that with 3ft waves and 20-25kt winds, and me getting seasick easy, and things went south quickly.

I ended up getting to Blake Island (north side moorings) and stopping to check some gear, when I started getting very, very sick.  That was at 2pm on a Sunday.  By 8pm I was really, really bad off.  I remember talking to some friends and feeling like I was drunk.  I was so weak and horribly sick that I couldn’t even stand.

So I stayed the night on the mooring, drank lots of water, ate nothing at all, slept very little, and left at around 7am on Monday morning.  I motored home, slept at the slip for an hour, and then went home and slept for the rest of the day.

It still took almost a full week before I felt right.  I had to eat carefully….  I think it was food poisoning.  If you think you might want to eat something from Moveable Feast, especially their Mushroom Burrito (yes I should have known!) you might not want to…

Anyhow, the memory of that whole evening/night still haunt me every time I think about going back out.  I hope it will fade…

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