About SeaBits

SeaBits was created by Steve Mitchell in 2007 to document his experiences with boating and general technology. Over the years, it had different names (stevem.net) and has morphed into a more review-based site for both marine electronics, boating projects, and general technology.

The original platform for this development and experimentation was a sailboat named Jammy. From 2015 to 2018 even more experimentation happened aboard a Beneteau sailboat named Grace. Most recently, Steve has moved to a 46′ Ocean Alexander motor yacht named Rendezvous. Their stories, adventures, and histories are captured here on SeaBits.com.

The goal of SeaBits is to tell a story about how technology and boating work together, to share ideas about projects, and help others learn from the experience.

We are not paid to write reviews – all content you find on the site is based on real-world usage of the products and services that are covered. In almost all cases, we purchase all of the products ourselves and end up writing about them. In rare cases, manufacturers loan us products while we test them, but we are never paid or given free equipment just to write about them. The joy is in learning about new technologies and writing about them to share with others, not making money off of manufacturer kick backs and other means.

About Steve Mitchell

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I live in Seattle, WA and cruise around Puget Sound on Rendezvous, my 1988 Ocean Alexander 420 Sundeck motor yacht. I’ve lived here most of my life, but have been fortunate enough to work for many technology companies in the last 25 years and travel all over the world.

I began my love affair with technology when I was very young by taking apart everything I could get my hands on, and figuring out how it worked.  I ran one of the largest bulletin board systems (BBS) on the West Coast in the 1980’s out of my childhood home in Gig Harbor, WA, and then in Greeley, CO.

My full time career is working for F5 Networks, a technology company that builds some amazing products. I’m the Senior Director of the Global Technical Programs group which includes a Performance Testing Team, and a Development/Production group running a Node.JS application in AWS. I’ve had many other jobs in the last 20+ years in technology, from systems administration to network design to product development, at places ranging from paper mills to fingerprint identification companies, all of which have helped me with my passion for boating and technology.

I am also an avid musician, having played the piano since I was about 3 years old. I also love photography, much of which you see represented on this site in my reviews. You can check out more of my photos here.

You can contact me via the Contact page.

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