Review Policy

I have a very straightforward review policy that should provide confidence in both vendors who would like equipment reviewed, and end-users who are reading reviews that I am as neutral and fair as possible.

Real World

All reviews are conducted in as real-world conditions as possible. This may mean that the product is tested for multiple months without any writing product being produced.

This allows me to evaluate the actual usage of the product without being pressured to write something early. It also allows me to interact with the vendor on issues, support, configuration, installation, etc. and both better understand the product, while also providing testing and feedback to the vendor.

This also means frank and forthright feedback about installation materials, usage details, and general every day product use. I often find bugs or problems, and expect vendors to work with me to a solution that is acceptable to both ends. Boats are finicky beasts, and rarely let products work perfectly for any length of time.

No Sponsorships

All of the reviews on SeaBits are done out of interest for the product or technology. I am not sponsored or underwritten by any company or vendor, nor do I accept product reviews where it is expected I write positively about a specific product.

SeaBits only makes money off of Amazon Affiliate links to products I use/review. No other advertising or monetary arrangements are in place with any vendors.

Nothing is Paid For

I do not do paid reviews, period.

Equipment is Loaned/Donated

All equipment provided by a vendor is either loaned or donated to the testing effort.

In the case of more involved installs, I will ask for the vendor to donate the equipment, not expecting to get it back. This is because it may require holes or other modifications that would require major repair or costly labor to correct if it were removed. I reserve the right to ask this up-front when considering review opportunities.

In many cases, equipment is loaned for the duration of the review, and returned afterwards.

Currently, almost 90% of the equipment I test, I purchase myself or have purchased already because it is something I believed in or needed.

Fair Reviews are #1

I pride myself on producing fair reviews across the board. This means many things to me, but includes: a balanced opinion on the technology and product, a fair and open methodology, an honest comparison to other solutions, and a recommendation, if possible.

When products are not up to my standards, or have too many problems to consider them something I’d put my name behind, I respectfully work with the vendor in question, and often times do not write about the product. I’m happy to continue working with the vendor until such time that I can write a fair review.

If you have any questions about this or any of our other policies, please Contact Me.

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