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Boatsense unit failed again

Boatsense unit failed again

A few evenings ago I went to the boat to check on some things, and decided to test the new Boatsense unit by tripping the bilge sensor. After 5 minutes of waiting, nothing happened.

Then, I got a call from the guys at Boatsense. Bad news they said – the unit sent the message for the bilge alarm, but it also sent a battery low message, and then sent an “ominous” message that it was “on it’s last legs”. This was some new code they had added to the unit to detect when the unit was failing.

After discussing it for a few minutes, they decided to send me a new unit (unit #3!) and they wanted the dead unit back to do a post mortem.

Apparently I’m an early adopter of their technology – in the first 500 customers – and they have had some other issues in the field. They’ve been pretty aggressive about fixing them, and adding new code and checks into their units to prevent issues.

Regardless, it’s disappointing to see another unit fail. I was promised a new unit, but have still yet to see it – it’s been a week since the issue happened…