Rendezvous has two tracking systems listed below. They will only work when I am actually traveling somewhere and have them on. When I am on longer trips, I leave them on even while anchored.

Automatic Identification System

Automatic Identification System (AIS) is a VHF radio based broadcast system that allows individual boats to share their location with base stations. I am a mobile base station myself, and gather data from other boats within my antenna range.

AIS requires a base station with an internet connection to work reliably. If my internet connection is not reliable, then I rely on a base station somewhere else picking up my VHF broadcasts. As a result, this position may not be 100% accurate or current - check the time stamp.

Satellite Tracker

I use a Garmin inReach Explorer+ while on longer trips. This sends out tracking data every 10 minutes using satellites, so it works just about anywhere.

You can also go directly to to use a full screen version.