I love weather – observing it, being in a big storm, gathering data, and understanding how it changes what I do both on and off the water.  To that end, I have some tools and sites I use listed below, and also details on stations I either run or have helped build.

Tools / Websites

General Weather

For general, non-marine weather, I use a few tools regularly:

Marine Weather

Marine weather is a bit more finicky to plan around, and as such, I use a number of tools to help with that process:

  • National Weather Service Seattle Marine page – great page maintained by NWS with all of the various marine data they provide.
  • Coastal Waters Forecast – this is the one I use the most for planning on the water. There are two versions of it, and I prefer the one from the UW – it is much better formatted and shows up nicely on a phone or mobile device, which I use frequently when planning. – UW: Coastal Waters Forecast
  • NWS: Coastal Waters Forecast
  • NWS Marine Portal – this is an experimental, graphical
  • Ferry Weather – Washington State Ferries and the UW take the wind data off of moving ferries. Not very frequent but still good data.


I run several weather stations including:

In addition, I submit information to a number of other websites and services below:

There’s more details on the dedicated site above – I am planning on trying to integrate some of this here on this site.

weather station

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