Strange iPhone icon – SOLVED

Updated 10/13/2008

I finally found out what the icon is – it’s for TTY access. Apparently I either turned it on by accident, or it came on by itself…

I have searched a bunch on this one, and haven’t found an answer.  I’m using the new 3G iPhone, and the newest firmware (2.1) and today a strange icon appeared in the top bar that I can’t find anything about. It’s the second from the left in the close-up above – the keyboard and phone thing.

Here’s a bigger version showing the whole screen…

If you know something, please post a comment….

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0 thoughts on “Strange iPhone icon – SOLVED”

  1. Here is the way to change it.If you see this symbol in the status bar, it means that TTY is on.Teletype (TTY) machines are used by deaf and hard of hearing people to communicate by typing and reading text. If you have the iPhone TTY Adapter, available at, you can use iPhone with a TTY machine.Choose Settings Phone to turn TTY on or off.For more information about using TTY with iPhone, see the iPhone User’s Guide For information on other accessibility options with iPhone, see

  2. If you can’t find the on/off switch (I couldn’t) you need to reset the iPhone settings.Go to Settings General Reset Reset All SettingsThis will not erase any media, contacts, game saves etc. (But if you’re worried, do a backup first).

  3. THANK YOU !! I’ve had this problem all day finally googled “keyboard phone icon iphone” and found your post on the top of the list. I love when things just work like that.

  4. Just a quick clarification for Oskar’s comment, the setting is there, as per Taft Watson’s post, just go to Settings Phone and you will see the setting there, not Settings General , if you do that, you will not find it.That way you will NOT have to reset all the settings back to default…Thanks to everyone.

  5. I have the 3GS 16 GB iPhone and in the top right hand corner next to the battery are two strange icons, one is a red phone and the other is a red speech bubble with a red exclamation point on the inside. Wtf?? Does anyone know?

  6. Hi, regarding to turn off TTY setting for my Iphone 3gs; I tried to reset all setting as mentioned above but after restoring my latest backup the icon still appear on the screen. Can someone please help?


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