SailBits and Panbo team up for Marine Electronics Forums

Steve Mitchell 1 min read
SailBits and Panbo team up for Marine Electronics Forums

For the last year or so, I have wanted to build a community focused on marine electronics, networking and technology on boats. I have looked into different options for doing this, but it is a big responsibility to take on. In recent discussions with my industry peers at Panbo, I realized they were updating their site, and we thought it would be great to collaborate on a dedicated community forum for this purpose.

From this we have created the Marine Electronics Forums, presented by SailBits and Panbo.

The goal is to have a community of members that participate in discussions about marine electronics, networking your boat, electronic projects, and more. Both Bens at Panbo and myself will participate heavily in the forums, but we are looking for other geeks, experts, DIYers, and boaters to help the community grow, and participate in the discussions.

There are plenty of other forums out there around boating, anchoring, docking, engines, boat models and the like, but I have never found a good place just to talk about networking and marine technology. Many of those forums have single categories for something that I dedicate my entire site to! And it shows in the many hundreds of emails and comments I get – there is a need for a community to allow us to discuss this stuff.

Come join us and help build a helpful community around marine electronics and networking your boat!

Marine Electronics Forums

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