Virtual Happy Hour & Tech Talk

I think we are all missing the social aspect of owning a boat – chatting with other boat owners about projects, harrowing adventures, and everything in between. While we can’t all get together like we normally would, I’m going to try a virtual version, hoping that you will join me!


Saturday, April 11th
6:00PM Pacific Daylight Time


For the most interactive experience, join via Zoom so you can share your video and audio, chat with other participants, etc.

If you prefer to just watch and type, you can find a live stream on YouTube.


Introductions – Who are you? Where are you? What are you drinking? And most importantly, what type of boat do you have?

Your Quarantine Project – pick the most important/biggest/most interesting project you’re working on now. Tech or electronic ones would be interesting for the audience. Post a one sentence description in chat, and I’ll pick some that we can all discuss.

Staying Connected on the Water – one of the most requested things of me personally – we’ll cover some basics and take questions.

General Q&A – post your question in chat and we’ll get to as many as possible!

Other times?

If this goes well, I’d like to try a few more at differing times so that folks from other countries/time zones can join as well! I’m always looking for an excuse for an 8AM (my local time) happy hour!

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5 thoughts on “Virtual Happy Hour & Tech Talk”

    • It went very well. We had about 10 people total from all over. Chatted about everything from quarantine projects to details on dashboards and anchoring.

      The YouTube feed broke in the first few minutes, so I removed it since it wouldn’t start. I felt like that was better than leaving it there dead!

      I’ll look at other ways to do that piece for the next one. Definitely going to do it again especially for folks in different time zones.

  1. Have you checked out all the boats sheltering in place over at Blakely Harbor the last two weekends? With the state marine parks closed we have to get creative.

    • I did see quite a few boats there on AIS and via other friends who went out. I also heard Blake Island was mobbed which is a bit concerning. I am not going to get into the debate as to whether people should be boating now, as I have mixed opinions. For sure, all of the folks who were on the beaches at Blake and definitely not social distancing are not helping anyone out…

      Glad you have found a place to hang out though!


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