EVDO update - Sprint vs Verizon

Steve Mitchell 1 min read

I’ve had some time to play with the EVDO options out there – I ended up getting a Sprint card in addition to the Verizon one I had as well. The Sprint card is a Novatel Wireless EX720, and I have the usual 5GB monthly plan.

Both Verizon and Sprint have similar UI’s for their management applications.  I like Verizon’s statistics graphing capabilities, but I much prefer the Sprint application for everything else – it seems to be better adapted to deal with Windows Vista.

The actual service is far better on the Sprint network than Verizon.  Based on my testing thus far, here’s some comparisons:

Latency: 138ms
Download: 756Kbps
Upload: 182Kbps

Latency: 101ms
Download: 1094Kbps
Upload: 435Kbps

This is from the same location, the same night.  The Verizon towers seem to be pretty consistently slower than Sprint.  I’ll do some additional testing over the next week or two to see if things stay the same.  Thus far, I’m going to stay with Sprint.

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