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Boatsense Problems

Boatsense Problems

I’ve had the new Boatsense Remote Vessel monitoring solution installed for a week or so now, and have had a few problems with it. First, the company that manages it did some sort of firmware update to it, and it now sends me pages at random times (usually at 1-3AM) with gibberish in it. They have looked at it and believe they can repair it.

Then, it started paging me that my battery is low. I tested the battery just to be sure with a very accurate multimeter, and found no problems.

After repeated emails to the manufacturer, they finally conceded today to sending me a new unit, but not until I expressed my frustration at being paged at random hours, and again reiterating that I expected not to pay for all of the pages beyond the 20/month limit. They theorize that the voltage component in my current device is faulty, which is why I’m getting the random pages for battery problems.

I hope to see a replacement unit in the next couple of days.