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BlueSea Terminal Fuse Block, a great innovation

BlueSea Terminal Fuse Block, a great innovation

This weekend I am replacing all three batteries on the boat as a result of damage from a crappy battery charger.  I’m taking the opportunity to replace all of the old battery wires, simplify things, and add some redundancy, which I’ll hopefully post about here later.

In redesigning the battery wiring, I came across a really great product from BlueSeacalled the Terminal Fuse Block.  It comes in a single or double configuration, and mounts on the existing battery terminal, providing you with high current protection in limited space.

I don’t have a lot of space where my house bank is located, and this is an absolute life saver.

The whole assembly is very well made, as is usual with BlueSea, and fits right onto the existing battery terminal.  You can get marine rated battery fuses (MRBF) from 30-300 AMPs which simply drop onto the added studs, and are very easy to see – both the label and whether it’s been tripped.  As always, you should make sure you size your fuses and wire correctly for the application at hand.

The fuses have exposed conductors on the top and bottom that contact very well.  The whole thing is protected by a rubber cover.

This will allow me to have appropriate fusing and protection with a huge amount of space savings.