Affiliate Disclosure

I don't write articles to generate revenue. Every opinion is my own, driven by real-world use and testing, experience in a particular field, or otherwise. You can read my Review Policy to understand more about that particular part of my process.

Some of the links that are on my site are what you'd call an “affiliate link.” These links send you to a vendors site while also tracking that it's me sending the vendor the traffic. In return for sending them the traffic, if you buy something from them, I may make a small amount of money for what you've purchased.

While I may make a dollar or two from your purchase, your purchase doesn't cost you any more or less. It's just a thank you from the vendor.

All of this money goes back into the costs I incur in running the site. It rarely pays for any of my time, research or effort to write any of the content!

Thanks for helping support the site!

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