Aeroccino 3 an amazing milk frother

An amazing tool to create perfect latte and cappuccino foam. Perfect for any coffee snob, like me.
Steve Mitchell 3 min read
Aeroccino 3 an amazing milk frother

Most people who know me are aware of my coffee addiction.  At it’s height, I had a cafe-quality machine at home in my kitchen that took 30 minutes to warm up, could pull 4x shots simultaneously, and probably cost me $250 in power alone to run every month.

When my husband and I moved to our current loft, he made it clear I needed to slim down this rather large system, especially since I only generally used it on weekends or mornings before work.  Besides the machine itself, I had coffee storage bins, multiple grinders, a multitude of milk pitchers depending on the drinks, etc.

After a lot of research, I chose to downsize to a Nespresso system, specifically the Lattissima Plus.  It came with a milk system that claimed it could make great lattes and otherwise.  While it did a good job, I never felt it was up to the same level of what I could do by hand with a real machine.

My biggest complaints were the consistency of the milk, and cleaning.

The consistency was the most frustrating, since you only have a simple dial on the top to add or reduce the amount of air bubbles in the mix.  Temperature and type of milk also would wildly cause varying results, some of which were lumpy and gross.  This is not unlike making your own milk by hand, but there are more options and tools to adjust things when doing it yourself.

Cleaning was where this system really failed.  What you don’t see in the picture is the small tube that is inside the milk container that had obscured ends on it, and was impossible to clean.  Even leaving this milk system with some small amount of liquid in it for one day in the refrigerator would cause some sort of nasty residue to exist.   There are instructions to wash parts of this by hand, and others in the dishwasher, but it just never felt like it got clean enough for me.

Milk cleanliness is super important with this sort of stuff, and I always took a lot of care with my manual system in the past – the steam wand in particular – because of horror stories I had heard of, and seen myself.

Aeroccino 3

Aeroccino 3

Recently after re-ordering more Nespresso capsules for my machine, I saw details on a product that is in it’s 3rd revision now, and has gotten a lot of reviews and kudos – the Nespresso Aeroccino 3 Milk Frother.

After reading a lot of reviews and watching a few Youtube videos, I ordered mine through Amazon, and have been using it about 2 weeks now.

I can say hands down that this is the best system I have ever used to produce both hot and cold milk for coffee and otherwise.  The consistency of product that it produces is amazing, and it is super easy to use and clean up.

Dense foam

Dense foam

There are two settings for the end product – one for super dense foam, ala cappucinos, and one for a more standard latte-style result.  To adjust this, you add or remove a spring like device to the bottom of the frother, which connects magnetically to a pin in the bottom of the system.

That magnetic connection is one of my favorite parts of this system – it allows you to remove the spinning frother, clean it quickly with water, and the inside of the system is now one consistent piece of metal that can also be quickly cleaned.  You know every last piece of it is 100% clean and sanitized.

I’ve had this unit now for about 3 weeks, and I absolutely love it.  It’s wildly consistent, easy to clean, and very quick to make the best milk around.

Highly recommended!

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