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Lots going on this week! I'm in the middle of having Rendezvous hauled out of the water for some emergency maintenance. Always love the stress, cost and grey hairs involved with a haulout and boatyard! Hopefully I will be back in the water soon....

In the meantime, here's a quick summary of what is below:
  • Webinar with Signal K and InfluxDB folks on Tuesday the 11th
  • Isolating AC power - installed a marine "puck" isolation transformer
  • Update on T-Mobile + CAT18 routers

Webinar - Visualizing Data and Trends on Your Boat

Join me and Teppo Kurki on Tuesday, August 11th at 8AM where we discuss using Signal K + InfluxDB + Grafana to create amazing dashboards that you can use to track electrical system status, engine performance, weather and more. Teppo is one of the main contributors to Signal K and built the integration I am using with InfluxDB.

Below you can see a new dashboard I will be talking about that tracks engine performance - it helped me with a temperature issue I had recently.
This is based on my original article Real-time weather from the boat, but I have added several more dashboards and updated the existing ones. We'll be taking you through typical boat network challenges, the things we were trying to solve, how we did it, and more.

Plus, you can ask us questions at the end in a live Q & A session. Please click here to register.

Isolating AC power

I ended up installing an isolation transformer on Rendezvous, and really liked the overall solution. Protecting humans from AC power on boats is very important, and if you have an older boat without some sort of isolation, you should really look into adding something.
Isolating AC power
Boat AC systems can be problematic, and making sure they are properly set up and protected is critical to the safety of the people aboard and in the water.

Problems with T-Mobile voice+data plans and Peplink CAT18

Two weeks have passed since I posted this article. I've added some updates in the article itself, but if you want the short version:
  • T-Mobile will not allow T-Mobile One tablet lines to use the newer data-only CAT18 modem found in Peplink's line of products. These lines actually had both data+voice on them, but voice was never used.
  • The alternative plan they have available is $60 more a month ($80 total) and has a hard cap at 22GB/month of data. After that, it reverts to 3G speeds.
  • It is unknown as to whether other CAT18 modems will be restricted in this fashion, but I wouldn't be surprised if they do.
Here are some resources for more information:
My original article is linked below.
Problems with T-Mobile voice+data plans and Peplink CAT18
T-Mobile have apparently blocked the T-Mobile One lines that have both data and voice from using a Peplink CAT18 router with the Telit LM960 modem.

In Case You Missed It....

Peplink MAX HD1 Dome

Peplink MAX HD1 Dome
I am testing the CAT18 version of the Peplink MAX HD1 Dome and SIM Injector against the MAX Transit with Poynting OMNI-402 antennas, and recorded an overview video as well.

More router testing and initial results on the OMNI-496

More router testing and initial results on the OMNI-496
I have been testing a lot of different LTE router and antenna combinations this year from Peplink, MikroTik, Teltonika, Poynting and more.

What’s Next?

I’m working on a few things that I hope you will be interested in:
  • 4" displays
  • My Furuno system
  • Rendezvous 2020 internet setup
  • Router testing results (lots of these)
  • How I test routers / LTE stuff
If you’d like to request something specific, or if one of these is more interesting to you than another, please reply and let me know!

Thank you!

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