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Happy Friday! I hope you are able to get out and enjoy the water!

I continue to test new routers and antennas out on the water, but ran into a snag the last week or so that has really put a damper on some testing....
My T-Mobile connection, which I have used since 2016 as my primary connectivity, and for testing tons of different routers and setups, stopped connecting a week or so ago.

After working with Peplink for a few days, we determined it was something they had started seeing recently where T-Mobile was blocking access to their network from CAT18 products.

I was able to get things back up and running, but at a cost.

Read below for the whole story....

Problems with T-Mobile voice+data plans and Peplink CAT18

Problems with T-Mobile voice+data plans and Peplink CAT18
T-Mobile have apparently blocked the T-Mobile One lines that have both data and voice from using a Peplink CAT18 router with the Telit LM960 modem.

Everywhere is busy and weird!

It seems like the first two things I hear from every boater is "man this place is busy" and then "aren't things weird this year?" and and they're not wrong.

Here in the San Juan Islands in Washington State, the anchorages are packed with people even mid-week, and the weather is super weird. We've had winds from unusual directions for days on end, and 20-30 knots, which is odd for this time of year here.

Still, every day I get to be on the water I try to remember how fortunate I am to have the ability to do this. Compared to being stuck at home, this is paradise, and has reduced my stress level tenfold. I wouldn't trade the busy anchorages and weird winds for anything, especially with views like the below!
I'm still limiting my exposure everywhere - haven't gone ashore to any store or marina here in the islands, and have been anchoring everywhere. Hopefully this will help make a difference in the long run....

In Case You Missed It....

Peplink MAX HD1 Dome

Peplink MAX HD1 Dome
I am testing the CAT18 version of the Peplink MAX HD1 Dome and SIM Injector against the MAX Transit with Poynting OMNI-402 antennas, and recorded an overview video as well.

More router testing and initial results on the OMNI-496

More router testing and initial results on the OMNI-496
I have been testing a lot of different LTE router and antenna combinations this year from Peplink, MikroTik, Teltonika, Poynting and more.

What’s Next?

I’m working on a few things that I hope you will be interested in:
  • Internet getting started guide
  • 4" displays
  • My Furuno system
  • Rendezvous 2020 internet setup
  • Router testing results (lots of these)
  • How I test routers / LTE stuff
If you’d like to request something specific, or if one of these is more interesting to you than another, please reply and let me know!

Thank you!

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