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Having good quality radios and antennas is important while being out on the water. I had identified some issues with my current antennas and cabling, and wanted to resolve those. I finally had time and budget to do that this winter, and am pleased with the result.

Upgrading VHF and AIS antennas

Upgrading VHF and AIS antennas
I have wanted to update my VHF antennas for a while, specifically to get a dedicated AIS antenna for my Class B transponder. I decided to move forward with this project this winter.
Right before New Years, we took a trip over to Poulsbo just to get away from the city and have a break between Christmas and the end of the year. It was supposed to be mildly windy one night, but I tucked in to the cove just to the starboard side as you enter the main part of Liberty Bay and we were comfortable both nights.

On the way home, I got this beautiful shot using the wide angle on the iPhone 11 Pro, which seems to be very conducive for boating-related photos!

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Victron GX now sends NMEA 2000

Victron GX now sends NMEA 2000
Victron has had a lot of impressive connectivity products, but one area they have had challenges with is in getting all of that data onto NMEA 2000. In their recent v2.40 release, that has changed for the better.

Poynting OMNI LTE antennas

I'm always on the lookout for new LTE antennas that could help improve my signal while on the water. Poynting has a couple of interesting marine antennas that I've been using for a while.
Poynting OMNI LTE antennas

What’s Next?

I’m working on a few things that I hope you will be interested in:
  • My favorite 4” instruments
  • Wakespeed WS-500 regulator review
  • Why I chose Furuno…my Furuno/TimeZero system
If you’d like to request something specific, please reply and let me know!

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