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I hope you are all staying safe and staying home, wherever that may be. These are definitely strange times. I look forward to some semblance of normal returning, allowing us more time on the water.

I am considering hosting a video happy hour (via Zoom) where folks can chat about internet on your boat, marine electronics, and other boating tech. Would you be interested in joining? If so, please reply and let me know so I can gauge interest!

There have been some decent winds and storms in the last couple of months, and I have been loving my real time dashboard showing all the details. I also have a mobile station that follows the boat based on a plugin and SignalK.

I recorded a video showing the dashboard in real-time and some of the setup details at and you can also read more about it below.

Real-time weather from the boat

Real-time weather from the boat
Getting real-time weather data from the boat is now possible using SignalK and some plugins, plus beautiful dashboards in Grafana, with the data stored in Influx

Diesel heater replaced!

I ended up removing my Webasto heater, and replaced it with the Wallas Spartan. Right around the same time, the folks over at Pacific NW Boater were just finishing up a review video on their install, and ended up using my pic in their video. Check their video out at
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The Wallas is so much better than the old system - far quieter, more consistent warmth, remote control using an app, and keeping things drier and lower humidity in these drippy months in Puget Sound. I also was able to get a vent up in the v-berth which has been chilly for guests since I bought the boat.

The guys over at Scan Marine are always excellent to work with, and even had the factory in Finland check out a few things remotely when I had some questions. You shouldn't have to futz with your heater all the time, and I'm glad I don't anymore.

In Case You Missed It....

Docking and engine room cameras

Docking and engine room cameras
Docking my boat is much easier with a camera looking at the dock, and visible from all driving locations. Finding one proved to be easier than I thought.

WiFiRanger Converge

WiFiRanger Converge
WiFiRanger has been around a long time providing connectivity solutions for RVs and boats. Their new platform is called Converge, and is a mix of different components that can provide a whole solution for internet aboard.

What’s Next?

I’m working on a few things that I hope you will be interested in:
  • Getting started guide for internet on your boat
  • 4" displays
  • Working remotely from my boat
If you’d like to request something specific, please reply and let me know!

Thank you!

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