Hey there, I'm Steve 👋

Hey there, I'm Steve 👋

I write about internet connectivity afloat 📡, marine electronics ⚡️, and other boating technology. I love testing new tech, taking on crazy electrical projects, and sharing my experience with others. I travel around the Salish Sea on board my boat Aruna and provide consulting, installation and training services.

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Latest posts
Capsule dishwasher

Capsule dishwasher

The Loch Capsule dishwasher is great for a boat - low water and power usage, quick cycle time, and fits full size plates without compromises
Steve Mitchell 5 min read
WiFi as WAN

WiFi as WAN

Using a remote WiFi network as a source of internet on your boat is useful, but know the limitations of the devices and features available to you.
Steve Mitchell 9 min read
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