When not working on Reviews or Projects, we try to have fun taking trips on our boats. This is a list of some of the most recent trips we have taken, and stories behind them.

Quadcopter at the Cabin

One of the best places for me to fly my quadcopter is at the family cabin near Nile, WA, which is in Eastern Washington and pretty remote. With all of the restrictions and bad news stories about idiots flying drones into populated areas, or creating unsafe conditions, I want to ensure that I am in as safe a location as possible.

The Salton Sea and Palm Springs

After 3+ months of 18 hour days and no weekends at work, Josh and I traveled to San Antonio, TX for a huge work conference, and the launch of a product I had been working on. It went very well, and we had scheduled a vacation directly afterwards in Palm Springs with a bunch of friends. While we were there, we decided to do a bit of exploring on the final day, and ventured out to the Salton Sea, which I’ve always wanted to see. The house we rented was absolutely amazing.  It had the usual fancy outdoor pool, a putting green, cabana, fire pit, and a separate casita where Josh and I stayed. It was wonderful to have such a nice place to relax after a pretty terrible last 3 months on the work front. The first night we were there, we were treated by a crazy light show…

Long Beach windstorm

This weekend instead of a sailing project or trip, we went to Long Beach, WA for a friends birthday.  It’s about a 3.5 hour drive from Seattle, so we were in for a while in the car.  The scenery once you get past Montesano is some of my favorite in Washington State – the tide flats and wildlife areas that the road winds next to are pretty amazing just to gaze at and wonder if you could walk across, or sink out of sight.  The birds and other animals that frequent them are also in abundance year round. The trip took us to Long Beach proper, but we also ventured out to Cape Disappointment State Park and other nearby spots.  For the entire trip, it still felt like we were on a sailing adventure as we were constantly near water! Along the way, we stopped in Raymond for a driving…