Was on vacation the last week and as I was leaving, left my Kindle on top of the roof of the car while I drove away.  I got off of Queen Anne, and onto Highway 99 before it came off of the roof, and landed in traffic.  After doing a U-turn, which required quite a bit given where it fell off, I was able to retrieve it.


I had a Waterfield Designs Kindle case protecting it, and even though the Kindle wasn’t usable after the fall, it was surprisingly in good shape.  You can see in the photo below that the screen has what looks to be a tire track on it.  Several of the buttons around the screen didn’t work very well, and there were some cracks in various places, but it was all in once piece.

It wouldn’t unlock – apparently the last image on the screen stays even if there is no power – I suppose given the way eInk works, that makes sense…

I ended up sending this one to it’s grave, and getting a new Kindle rev 2.  I read a lot on my Kindle, and was really disappointed that I broke the old one.

The new one is much thinner, which I’m not sure that I like yet.  The buttons are also really hard to actuate which is annoying when you’re reading with one hand.

The screen and keyboard are setup much better, and it does seem to be much faster dealing with downloads and such.  I also really like that the power connector is more standardized and not something proprietary.  I really don’t like the power switch unlock/lock – it was so much easier to press the two bottom keys instead of having to reach to the top of the unit and mess around with the switch.


I’m glad I have a Kindle to read from again – in the interim I used the Amazon Kindle app for my iPhone, but it just wasn’t the same.  We’ll see how long I can keep this one before I destroy it ?