I’ve been trying for a while to get back into the music mind-set at home.  I spent a bunch of time gathering all of my gear together, bought a professional workstation to put it all on, spun up my iMac i7 27″ with Logic Pro, and figured out all of the millions of cables and connections I would need.

So far I haven’t done much other than play along with some songs I like, and plunk out a few songs that haven’t really gone anywhere.  Part of my challenge is that I want to do more than just piano solos, which is what I’ve traditionally recorded in the past.

I have Logic Pro, a fast enough Mac, and Apogee Ensemble firewire interface for all of the equipment, as well as a bunch of high quality boards and sound modules.  Now I just have to figure out how to use the tools I have, and which ones to use, to start adding additional instruments and loops.

Right now it’s not so much figuring out the tool to use, it’s which tool should I try and stick with.  I have a Korg M3 which has great stuff in the Karma features for accompaniments.  The other boards and modules don’t have anything close to the realism that has.  But I’m leaning more towards using loops and samples in Logic Pro, as the M3 is horrible for loading samples (takes forever!) but then I’d likely lose the ability to use Karma for anything unless I recorded it into Logic, etc.

I ended up getting an hour of One-to-One time with the local Apple Store, and I wanted to spend it on some Logic Pro advanced stuff.  First, I have to get through all of the usual getting started courses and online stuff, so I at least know the basics.  The last time I did that it was with Logic Pro 7.x and I only skimmed them.

Hopefully I’ll have time in the next few weeks to dig deeper into this so I can start recording more!