Motion sickness and plane blogging

For the longest time I have been plagued by motion sickness doing various things. Sailing, one of my favorite things to do, makes me sick if I go belowdecks when there are even moderate waves.Riding in a car and trying to look at a map, or reading will end up making me terribly sick.

Flying on airplanes is just as bad.

For the last few years, I’ve been using the ReliefBand which is a watch style device that uses two small metal contacts to send a shock into the nerve cluster near your wrist. This has worked amazingly well.  I’m still very tired when I fly, even a short 2 hour flight. The worst time is when we slow down to land and my body realizes that things aren’t as fast as they had been. The ReliefBand helps. The second worst part is the car/taxi/bus ride afterwards since its another speed to adapt to.
One great thing is how much easier this has made actual in flight experiences. For instance, right now I am writing this from my iPad, on a plane from Burbank to Seattle via gogo inflight wireless. A year ago if I tried this, I would have made some very unhappy seat mates.

There are exercises that I used to do a year or two ago that helped with inner ear development (yes k I know I owe you these) and I want to reconstitute those as well in the hopes that I might be even better when flying.

Oh yeah, and the in flight wireless is sure fun to play with. Crazy how it can work…

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