Macbook Air – 3 months later

A while ago I wrote about my first impressions with the Macbook Air – after 3 months of using it constantly, I can say it’s my most favorite computing platform in at least the last 5 years, if not longer.

The two biggest things that it has going for it long-term are size and battery life.  Not only is it so light that I don’t even notice it in my bag, but it lasts so long that most of the time it only sees the charger when I am done for the day.

I don’t seem to have any issues with the lack of a backlit keyboard, and I absolutely love the speed that the SSD’s bring to the platform.   I’m using Boot Camp with Windows 7 for a couple of apps I can’t run under OSX, and it seems to work there just fine as well, albeit slightly less efficiently (just like all of the other Macbooks).

I think the Air is a great system for anyone who needs portability and moderate power in a small, well designed system.  It’s well worth the money.

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