I gave a friend a bread of the month club subscription – I’d make whatever bread she asked me to once a month – for christmas this year.  So far it’s been pretty rocky – I’m not living up to my subscription as best as I could.

This weekend, I was asked to make Honey Beer Bread, which looked really tasty.  It turned out pretty good!


It tasted just like beer and honey, but not in an overpowering way.  I think the beer we chose had too much yeast in it, or it wasn’t warm enough when I used it, because things turned out a bit more dense inside the bread than I would have liked.   Still really good on a cold day like today!

We also made the second part of the recipie which involved grilled cheese, dijon mustard, and caramelized onions.  Super tasty once they were grilled panini-style.

I definitely would try the bread again – perhaps trying to find a milder beer, and maybe increasing the temperature during cooking to get more of a crumb on the outside and less dense inside.

More pics here.