Made some bagels a week or two ago, and didn’t get a chance to post anything about them until now.  They turned out pretty good – the best so far.  I’ve been using this recipe I found online with a few modifications.

First, I don’t use any cornmeal as I don’t like that taste nor texture.  Second, I use a baking stone for a lot longer than just finishing the bagels. Also, I don’t usually (except this time) make the bagel shape in the way they suggest – rolling out long strips is not as effective, I’ve found.  I usually start with a round piece of dough, and push my finger through the middle, then make the whole larger by spinning the dough around my finger.  It always has made good consistent bagel shape.

This time around I tried the rolling out strips method and although the bagel hole was bigger, I didn’t like how you could see where the dough connected to itself.  I tried making this as transparent as possible, but it still didn’t turn out exactly the way I wanted. The texture and chewiness this time around was good – so I am worried the only way to get that is to use the roll out method – I will have to try again soon to see if I can replicate it with the other way.

Regardless, they were good to eat!